Just an Albion Online dea

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Guilds which conquerer a Castle can change the taxes for the territories which belongs to it.

PVP there is an option for players but they don’t has to.
Only players (Guilds) who wanna join the fight go to the recruitment Board near the Castle to register for the Fight.

On every Territory it should be possible to build up 1-2 Guildcities. No Outlands but Wildlands with High NPC’s which make
it necessary to go in groups to these aereas, because there will be the high end mats.
In Wildlands also guilds can build up there cities. Maybe for those who are banned form the kingdom lands in row of bad reputation (player kills).
So we have a chance zu melt PVP and PVE and both parts can interact together.

Over the whole map there are castles.
So Guilds can build there own kingdoms.
And other player...

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About Albion Online PVP

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So, I took a closer look today on the pvp part…

Beside gathering the game do not have way too many aspects, just pvp, so actually it’s the main content right?

– some roles can silent nearly constantly? Really? lol In this game.. where if you misclick 2 times you could lose your 20 dollar worth gearset since the ttk is crazy low. And there is gear with silence that blocks even the movement skills, even the support skills… everything and it has super long duration and nearly spammable : P And wait a sec! It do not just silent the opponent but also removes all buffs and ongoing heals lol wtf but really : D
– there is an incredible unbalance, there are a few superior roles and some that are good for nothing… but well, maybe it’s made by purpose, so players will need to grind for switching role...

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Last beta this beta

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Last beta was much more enjoyable than new (haven’t played alphas):

1. Because there was shitload tons n tons of pvp in yellow zones every f***ing day for some specific 5 person dungeons and raid Elite dungeons (without gear loss..without stress.. for casual gaming FUN)
2. Because red zones was dominating map had descent clusters with epic raid dungeons/5 persons dungeon with different entrance globaly witch lead to constant PVP action (Mega fun).
3. Because black zones was fight for resource’s, fight for best raid dungeons n fame (shitload of mass pvp action FUN).


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Why Albion Caters to the Zerg

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Like many people have said, I do not know why small guild/group players are being so pushed out of this game by the development team.

My biggest concern is actually for casual players and players who do not feel excited by joining extremely large guilds and alliances. In my opinion, if I found this game after release and realized I was being forced to join a large guild just to have better access to harvesting, dungeons, pvp, and open world objectives I would probably not keep playing.

There is no restrictions on how many cluster maps a guild/alliance can conquer. Forced flagging means you are the immediate target of other players without feeling you can team up to fight together in black zone...

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