Blade & Soul Reputation of Open World PvP

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Blade & Soul is really famous for its excellent combat mechanics, which make for some really interesting PvP matches. But, what about the open world PvP in the game?

Surprisingly, a lot of players aren’t too fond of the open world PvP in the game. The main reason for this is the player farming, as people who want the achievement for 10 000 players killed, or simply those who like going and killing every player they encounter, really ruin the fun for players going around and trying to get their quests done. But, if you think about it, why are they playing with PvP turned on if they don’t like that sort of thing?

Blade & Soul is really famous for its excellent combat mechanics, which make for some really interesting PvP matches. But, what about the open world PvP in the game?



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Runescape dev builds ‘World 666’ to celebrate decade-old glitch massacre

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Today Runescape developer Jagex added a new world to Runescape Old School, World 666, as a tongue-in-cheek celebration of an infamous glitch that caused several players to go on an in-game player-killing spree 10 years ago.

It’s a nice example of how a developer might create in-game events and locations that celebrate its community of players, even if the players in question are mostly remembered for taking advantage of a glitch that let them kill other players in supposedly “safe” zones where PvP combat was forbidden.

Sometimes known as the 6/6/6 glitch since it occurred between June 6-7 of 2006, the “Falador Massacre” saw players who had been taking part in combat arenas inside a player-owned house party booted out of the house by the server — while retaining the ability to engage other ...

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BLADE & SOULBlade & Soul Gets a New Raid

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Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy MMORPG developed by NCSOFT and published by various companies throughout the world. Tencent in China, Innova in Russia, Garena in Thailand, and NCSOFT for the west.

Recently, Blade & Soul announced that they are adding a new raid to the game. Not only that but plenty of additional content for players to try out as well!


Midnight Skypetal Plains Raid is a 24-member raid in which players unite in order to defeat the Sacred Longgui and his powerful horde of minions. There are many difficulty levels for players to try and beat. As players progress through the levels, they will be awarded increasingly better items. Players love to be challenged and this raid is going to be rather difficult which is always good for players that love PvE.

Along with the new raid ...

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Solo queue is now live in League of Legends

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After a few weeks of preseason with only the sometimes finicky flex queue to play ranked games on, the long-awaited return of solo queue is finally here. After a few days of testing on the Oceania servers, solo/duo queue is now live in regions across the world.

Solo queue has been highly anticipated since its return was announced in October. After years of League of Legends ranked play with only solo and duo queuing available (as in, only being able to queue in a party of one or two players), dynamic queue was introduced in Season 5 as a way to attempt to encourage larger groups of people to play together, but negative feedback from a highly competitive community eventually caused the return of the solo/duo system.

A reminder: your ladder standing will reset when the new season starts Dece...

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