Top 5 Outside Linebackers In Madden NFL 17

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Outside linebackers are becoming more important to the success of defenses around the league. Their versatility allows defensive coordinators to use them in multiple ways whether it be in pass coverage or rushing the passer. Here are the top-rated outside linebackers in Madden NFL 17.

1. Von Miller – What can’t Von Miller do? The Super Bowl MVP is the league’s best pure pass rusher and will once again strike fear in opposing quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17. Look to move Miller to defensive end in 3rd and long situations to utilize his pass rush abilities.

2. Justin Houston – You won’t have to worry about Houston and his game to game matchup, as he is one of the best pass rushing linebackers in Madden NFL 17...

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Albion Online Reputation system suggestions

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This is effectively a snippet from a very old post I made during the alpha tests.

It would seem some of the ideas were kind of used (not sure if these were inspiration for the current system or not)
However, I don’t feel the reputation system currently works

Changes to the Reputation system for “Criminals”
The idea of reputation is great, but there should be drawbacks to your reputation for being a band of bandits.
Killing unflagged players should net you a bad reputation, and if you kill lots of them, this should have drawbacks (and perks).

This could open up a whole new area with “Pirate towns” where the guards will not let anyone in with positive standings...

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How to Make FIFA 17 the Best FIFA Game Yet

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When Fifa 16 came out, I was more excited for it than I have ever been for any video game. This excitement quickly went away when I realized that there were several broken gameplay mechanics that can ruin the fun of a game of Fifa, and minimal additions to keep those who grind out hundreds or thousands of games playing and striving for new goals. I have won D1 in FUT 26 times so far this year, which is MILES better than how I performed in any Fifa I’ve played previously, but I can honestly say I’ve had the least amount of fun with Fifa 16. I sincerely hope that Fifa 17 is better, and here are all the things I believe will make it the best Fifa yet. I’ll split this up into 2 sections: gameplay fixes and game additions.

Have the gameplay be consistent and feel the same in all ...

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Adolf Critler’s Saved Rounds

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Greetings friends.

Today we hit the one month mark of the “Final Beta”. I wanted to take some time and share my thoughts with the community, as well as Sandbox Interactive. Let me begin by stating that I really have enjoyed playing this game and look forward to what the future brings. We’ve come a very long way since I started playing during the early alpha tests, however there are still some really serious game design issues that are going to keep this game from becoming massively successful. While the following is purely my opinion, based on a large amount of play time and experience, I’m going to do my best to be as objective as possible.


Through the addition of global friendly fire, increased number of abilities with “skill shots” and revamped “anti-zerg” mechanics, I believe ...

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